Why is creative writing so important for your child?

Why is creative writing important for my child?

Why is creative writing important for my child?

Creative writing plays many important roles in the development of our children. While reading is a very important skill, writing further develops kids' cognitive growth, organisational skills and has the power to express their emotions and gain confidence in their communication skills. Writing gives children the opportunity to explore new worlds and ideas without the fear of being judged, it allows them to express themselves creatively through words. The creative process through writing also encourages them to problem solve and build disciplines that they will use across a wide range of study throughout their schooling.

Creative writing has many benefits that will help your children in a range of areas, including:

Imagination And Creativity: Creative writing encourages children to exercise their imaginations, improving their ability to create alternative scenarios and broadens their thought process, leading to development in areas including problem-solving and analysis. 

Self-Expression: Writing can give children a new outlet to understand and express how they feel. Writing is often considered a safe space to express themselves, a highly beneficial tool for understanding their emotions and communication skills.

Self-Confidence: Writing helps children feel they have a voice. Being able to assert their opinions and ideas in their own ‘voice’ can really help to develop their self-confidence.

Communication Skills: Creative writing encourages students to communicate in a clear and concise manner. Writing is the base for a wide range of skills and development as children complete schooling. Having a strong writing base allows children to communicate well and interact with others. Writing also improves reading comprehension skills, grammar and vocabulary knowledge. One of the most important things your child can learn in school is how to read and write.

Creative writing teaches children how to be more imaginative and explore their thoughts through the art of creative writing. By finding their own style of writing, kids can express themselves and gain new skills as they develop, allowing them to be more creative while having fun and doing something they enjoy.

Our creative skills diminish as we get older, so encourage your kids to write fantasies and fairy tales about princesses and dragons. Encourage them to be creative, to use their imaginations, to build their confidence and to communicate their thoughts and views.

Build their Writing Skills with a Creative Kids Voucher

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