Why are creative activities important for my child?

Why are creative activities important for my child?

Why are creative activities important for my child?

When thinking about creativity, most people think of the outcome, a painting, a song, or a poem. But really, creativity isn’t about the product. It’s all about the process. Creativity is the journey of developing our imaginations, originality, productivity, and our problem-solving abilities.

This creative journey also applies in early childhood learning. Every child can express creativity – but the process, not the quality of the outcome, should be the focus.

Creative activities play a very important role in the development of children. Having the ability to create something for themselves, express their feelings and emotions, and interact with others through creative play are all basic foundations of learning and development. The interaction with creative activities during development and experience children have in this year during their first years of life can significantly amplify their creativity later in life. 

The Importance of the Creative Process

The process of creativity and the learning that comes with this is an important tool in the mental growth of children. Creativity provides opportunities to try new things, express new ideas, develop new ways of thinking and creates a space for problem solving and trial and error. The creative process allows children to celebrate their uniqueness and diversity, and to understand everyone's creative process may be different, and that's okay. Understanding a child's creative process also offers the opportunity for parents and teachers to better personalise activities to each child.

Creating Opportunities for Creative Play

The most important type of creativity in children is creative play. Creative play allows children to use familiar materials and resources accessible to them in new or unusual ways, often through role play and imagination. Self-directed, creative play for children is often the most engaging and exciting for them. Allowing them to play freely is very important to their development.

From infancy, play is a strong factor in life skills including physical development, sensory exploration, motor skills and through the repetition of play these abilities develop into becoming competent at everyday tasks. The mental development experienced, and new ways of thinking developed through play can see children figure out a path to solutions in situations including basic measurement, balance, shape, spatial relationship, and physical properties.  

Play also enhances a child's social development. Enjoyment through social interactions whilst playing helps children understand social rules and learn to take each other's needs into account and appreciate different values and perspectives. Children also learn to express their own feelings, communicate with others and just be themselves. During play, they are allowed to have fun and enjoy themselves, without a need to behave in adult situations.

Despite what many people think, creativity isn’t limited to what is commonly thought of, including art, music, craft, writing and drama. Creativity is not only about a physical outcome. We can be creative with maths, science, politics, building, and business; with anything that we do!

5 reasons why creative expression is so important to child

Physical Development

Creative play and working with new and different materials encourage children to develop their fine motor skills and boost hand-eye coordination.

Mental Growth

Creative activities and creative play allow children to try new ideas, develop their imaginations and put their problem-solving skills to the test. Creativity aids mental growth as it guides them to choose tasks they like best, teaches them their strengths and abilities.

Personal Growth

Creativity is a common way for children to easily express their emotions and thoughts in ways other than verbal communication. Creative activities can help to develop their social confidence and communication skills, whilst expressing their individuality. 

Celebrate Uniqueness

Uniqueness is best expressed through creativity. Giving children the opportunity to play in their own way, create what they imagine, and finding a way to encourage their development is important to finding their sense of self.

Build Problem-Solving Skills

The creative process allows kids to develop their problem-solving skills using a range of materials. Creativity allows children to experiment, collaborate and negotiate solutions, all of which are key skills in adult life.

Creating Opportunities for Structured Creativity

Children need encouragement and support to develop their creativity. Providing opportunities for creativity with children allows them to develop their creative play and creative thinking skills in a range of situations. Setting up activities that are based on the child's interests and ideas can be a great way to start. For example, if your child loves telling stories and describing situations, encourage their storytelling through drawing the characters, creating their own picture book or create a play where you can act out the story.

Offering a range of materials for children to be creative with an experience is also important when giving children the opportunity to be creative. This can be more than drawing or painting. Think of ideas like writing, music, photography, or hands-on arts like clay work. Giving kids time to explore materials and come up with their own way of being creative with these also helps them develop skills like planning, designing, constructing, experimenting, and revising if things didn’t go as they had planned. It's great for teachers and parents to reflect and discuss the creative piece with their children, with questions like; What was your favourite part? Did you have everything you needed? What other ideas did you have? Is there anything you would change?

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